Frank Vander Linden

Frank Vander Linden


Frank Vander Linden, founding father of De Mens, stands his ground. Great solo-artist who dives into his more contemplative alter ego, which adds an extra layer to his lyrics. His virtuoso guitar play adds to the overall atmosphere.  In 2018 he released the album ‘Nachtwerk’. The title of the record (nightwork) says it all: it was written mostly in the wee hours of the night. ‘Nachtwerk’ is a collection of songs that reveal Vander Linden’s personal stream of consciousness. Intense and to the point, in a late night – one for the road – ambiance. ‘Nachtwerk’ shows that Vander Linden’s muse is always by his side.

‘Nachtwerk’ bundles stories of confession. It is an intense collection of songs. It is not the music you dance to at a great party, yet it is a musical feast. With ‘Ik dacht aan een vrouw’ (the first single) and the ironic end ‘Weet jij hoe het moet?’ ‘Nachtwerk’ proves to be a soothing listening experience.


Frank Vander Linden - Nachtwerk