Flip Kowlier

Flip Kowlier


‘t Hof Van Commerce’s wordsmith surprised everyone with his 2001 solo debut ‘Ocharme ik’. And he has never stopped to amaze friend or foe. Producer, writer of children’s stories, bass player for Admiral Freebee, … but most of all he is a passionate musician and songwriter; Kowlier writes honest and uncomplicated songs, meandering between pop and rock, drenched in melancholy or happy-happy, with sidesteps to country and reggae.

That is what he likes to do. Kowlier is one these artists who explores every corner of the musical spectre. Not because it is good for his career. Not because he wants to boast. It is what he does. And while doing it, he absorbs new styles, blends everything he has and comes with new and exciting stuff.


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